The Ashgrove Building and Its History

The Ashgrove is a luxury apartment building on the upperwest side of New York City with a strange and checkered past.

The building is probably haunted, but no one really knows why bad things happen there.

To read more about the family behind the building, click on the link to “A Family Affair

The Ashgrove apartment building was first built in 1910, and even from its opening night strange and terrible things happened there.

The day of its opening an elevator in the building failed, killing all the occupants inside.

A few years later, a terrible fire in the Ashgrove killed the two women who had financed its building and who had decided to live in it.

There was also a family that drowned in their apartment when a water town burst on the roof AND a guy who was found dead in the courtyard after jumping (or being pushed???) from his apartment window.

If you know anyone who lives in this building, or you’ve ever experienced anything weird there, leave a comment! This place is super sketchy…….


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